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Environmental aspects Cycle of our packaging

Sustainability & Environmental protection

Of course we do not only focus on flowers and plants, but also on the topics „environmental protection“ and „sustainability“. We are constantly striving to make our valuable contribution and to improve ourselves further. With the advent of climate change the topic of environmental protection has become even more important and is implemented at many different levels within the company, e.g. by the responsible use of
resources, returning raw materials to the economic cycle (recycling) and the use of environmental packaging.

The Green Dot – “Der grüne Punkt”
and “Duales System Deutschland”

In 1990, “Der Grüne Punkt” has been established as the world‘s first dual system for the high-quality recycling of packaging material of end users. Today it is a leading provider of take-back systems. In order to relieve industry and commerce from their obligation to take back and recycle packaging material in accordance with the statutory packaging ordinance, “Der Grüne Punkt” established a second (dual) waste disposal system in addition to the public system. In 1991 it has been the first system worldwide and since recycles used packaging material and recovers raw materials for the economic cycle.

Recycled PET

A plastic marketed under the name RPET or rPET is made from collected used PET bottles (recycled PET). The empty bottles are collected, cleaned and shredded. The material is then melted and
used as a component of finished plastic foil for the production of packaging materials.