We start where others stop!

For us recyclability is not just a word but our basic attitude! Developing technologies and products in order to recycle raw materials is our objective!

We are no innocent flower children but worldly opponents of wasting natural resources who truly commit themselves to the motto “from nature and for nature”.

We have acquired our expertise during many years of work in the fields of raw material recycling, plant engineering, construction and research.

We develop and produce 100 % natural and organic high-end fertilizers to increase plant growth, e.g. from dry chicken manure.

Our mission is to make the world sustainably cleaner by using existing resources, although our regional raw material dry chicken manure has attracted little interest so far.

We are here for you – just like family and friends!

Achieving a lot together

in order to live a more eco-friendly life

About the Prohmex production process


Gentle natural fertilizer

Our specific process creates a fertilizer with a long-term effect. Our fertilizer is not only particularly gentle on the plants but also on ground water because the nutrients are not washed out. As a result, the plants are supplied with all necessary nutrients without polluting the environment.

Soil – a holistic approach

The fertilizer made by Prohmex combines the optical characteristics of soil with the power of a fertilizer. The basic idea is to create a fertilizer that not only increases the nutrient levels of the soil, but also improves all of its other features. This is why our fertilizer has a particularly mild formula that releases the nutrients on a long term basis. Hence the fertilizer can also be applied to sensitive plants without harming them. Even with sensitive hands. Its unobtrusive look integrates effortlessly into the existing soil and thus creates a homogeneous surface.

Once incorporated into the ground, the fertilizer loosens the soil and creates space for sufficient air and water. The biologically active formula has a balancing effect on the organisms in the soil. Even in disturbed soil cultures the fertilizer is able to fully unfold its power and build up healthy organism structures on a long-term basis.


Healthy soil – healthy plants

Most people are aware of the fact that the soil quality directly affects plant growth. Plant nutrients are best-known for improving plant growth and are added to the soil with the fertilizer. And yet a good soil can provide so much more.  A loose structure with a varying soil texture helps to hold the right amount of water which prevents both drought and soil wetness. The soil structure is also an important factor for the root zone. A suitable soil structure helps to develop proper roots which can easily absorb the available nutrients.

Achieving our common goal

We work closely together with strong partners in order
to guarantee our customers the highest quality and reliability.